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Poetry Project der 3B

23.04.2021 // Allgemein - Sprachen

Im Rahmen des Englisch-Unterrichts brachten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 3B ihre Gefühle und Gedanken über die aktuelle Lebenssituation in englischen Gedichten zum Ausdruck. Dabei entstanden sehr berührende Kunstwerke:

It’s like there is a wall

I can’t do this anymore

just sitting here and seeing the time go by more and more

just lying here and waiting for a call

that says everything is normal

in fact, everybody is waiting for this call

so they can go shopping in the mall

or can see their friends growing tall

it’s like there is a wall

that stops us from going further than the hall

but I can’t wait to see you all

well, I have to wait until this pandemic is just a tiny little ball

so I can kick it like a football

higher than any other fireball

so we can go past the wall

and I can meet you all.

by Anna Vaszil

Since March 2020,

The whole school has been empty.

The children are at home

and surf on Google Chrome.

At home we do a lot of tasks

and in class we wear a mask.

We have to keep distance all the time,

even in the break, that’s not fine.

Once a week we have a test,

and at the end of the lesson we have a mask rest.

The only result the school can accept,

is negative or you go back.

We miss the face-to-face-teaching and every single friend,

and hope the pandemic will soon end.

by Elias Preindl

This time is a difficult one

where our happiness is gone.

We are very limited in everything we do.

Unfortunately, this is true.

Nobody likes it anymore,

and now you appreciate the good time before.

But we have to keep a little bit of hope,

and cling to the last rope

that we'll soon have the good old days back,

but this time is just black.

by Heidi Steger

Is everything bad?

I'm not allowed to meet my friends,

I'm not allowed to shake anyone's hands.

I'm not allowed to give a party,

I'm not even allowed to see my cousin Kathi.

I'm not allowed to invite my whole family,

because then we are too many.

I'm not allowed to go to school the whole week,

and that's although I am not sick.

But I'm allowed to live in a nice home,

and I'm allowed to kiss my mom.

I'm allowed to ride my ski,

that's the reason why I feel free.

Sometimes I look at the sky,

and ask myself, "Is everything really bad?" - Why?

by Elias Pabinger

I`m not allowed to meet my friends.

I´m not allowed to buy new pants.

It´s not allowed to cross the border.

I think the world is not in order.

This is very, very sad

Because the atmosphere is really mad.

It´s very hard to wear a mask.

For children that's an awful task.

And if I was allowed to sing –

I would be happy like a king

by Janis Fröhling

I'm not allowed to go outside without a mask,

one year ago, I took my flask.

I have to disinfect my hands like my best friends.

I'm not always allowed to go to school,

and I think that's not cool.

We had to stay in our town

because of the lockdown.

And during the quarantine

I developed my own routine.

I have to join online class

because I want good grades in maths.

I'm allowed to meet my friends,

but only with keeping distance.

by Chiara Käfer

"Twinkle, twinkle little star,
but don’t go too far."
That's what they are telling us,
and "Wear masks on the bus".
I don’t want this any longer,
I can’t go to my bookmonger,
quarantine is getting longer,
why is Corona getting stronger?
Grandparents are getting weaker,
the depressive one turns into a non-speaker.
But the kids are feeling helpless,
they annoy their parents who are powerless.
Let this come to an end, I’m begging.

by Floortje Smit

I am not allowed to visit my friends at home

I am only allowed to call them on my phone

I am not allowed to go to school the whole week

And that is making me weak

I am not allowed to go out without a mask

I don't even need to ask

That's why I want to change the time

to wake up and everything will be fine.

by Alina Berger

Everybody has to wear a mask,

that's for all of us an awful task.

We can't even go into a store

because we aren't really safe anymore.

Students have to study a lot,

but they cannot.

We don't like not going to school

because it's not so cool.

by Hannah Fersterer

A pandemic’s going on,

And we’re sitting alone until dawn.

We have to wear a mask,

Because without one we’re not allowed to laugh.

Through screens we see our friends,

Otherwise this thing never ends.

It’s getting pretty boring,

And we’re not exploring anything.

So please take care and,

Get some fresh air.

by Laura Mittermeyr

When I was a child

I was allowed to be wild

Play 14 hours

And sleep 10 hours

No need to study

And be everyone’s buddy.

But after a few years

I was all in fears

Had to study every day

And stayed up late at night and day

I was not allowed to play

Had everyday essays for school

And had to study like a fool.

by Ida Steger